IntelliAddress 2.9

Fetch info from email to keep your Outlook Contact List updated
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Intelli Address is a new software that allows you to complete your Outlook contact list from the information of your received emails. It works like a Business Card Reader, but all the work is automatically done thanks of the complex process of analysis performed over the source.
At first start, the program will take a couple of minutes to scan inside all your existing emails to build the initial set of Outlook contacts. Later on, when you receive a new email, this software will search and extract any information that consider useful to add it later to your Outlook contact list: Address, Phone Number, email, Fax, Company, Position, and more.
This software can work in an automated way, or you can see a preview of data being added before the operation finishes, so you can modify anything before adding to your contact list.
Personally, I think that a lot of people will not appreciate the high profit that such software could give, but believe me if I say you that in some environments this software becomes a must have to save minutes of your precious time.

Review summary


  • Ease of use. In some places you will notice the save of time!


  • It does not remove duplicate contacts!
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